"What makes I Seem Fun; The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast funny is Kirkman’s inherent knack for cultivating conflict even talking into a microphone in a room by herself. Whether she’s dissecting a negative iTunes review from an angry Christian or seriously considering a class action suit against Robin Thicke for being gross, Kirkman is eternally embattled but she tempers her cynicism with sweetness and, more often than not, she’s right." - THE AV CLUB

Episode 230:

RELEASE DATE 4/17/2018

Jen sits at her temporary home in Brooklyn to talk to you about her Sphenoid Sinus surgery, too many opiates, pudding cravings, face claustrophobia, the beauty of making the couch your bed, listening to Queen in the operating room, and how much it sucks when recovering takes too long.

Episode 229: 


Jen brings her friend, comedian Allison Castillo, to the All Things Comedy studio to help her give advice to listeners in need. We digress often and don’t always agree on how to handle a single mom who wants a date, a guy who wants to pursue an acting career in LA, a dude who is afraid of skeletons, a woman who can’t talk to her family about politics and so much more!! We get super real - so hope you can handle it!


Episode 228 


Jen sits at the all new All Things Comedy Studio to talk to you about her surgery that’s happened as of this release, a new found fear of anesthesia, don’t read scary articles at 3 am, the problems with recording episodes in advance, we’re all gonna die says someone from Nixon’s era, and what it was like making a political speech at a fancy event.


Episode 227


RELEASE DATE:    3/27/2018

Jen sits at the all new All Things Comedy Studio to talk to you about waiting and waiting to know anything about her life’s work, why she’s coming to London for a night, getting carded and then annoyed, staying in a hotel locally, prostitutes, reads an article about how a dude’s genes changed in space, and badly answers’s a listener email about how to get healthy.

Episode 226

RELEASE DATE:    3/20/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about some tour date updates, too-hot wine, too much news to discuss, the news isn’t reporting lots of UFO sightings by the air force, a dead car battery, and being accidentally accused of racism. 


Episode 225

RELEASE DATE:    3/13/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about genetic testing, loud footsteps of children, college crushes, more listener advice to a listener about a yoga teacher, movie theatre jerks, the joys of unfollowing everyone on social media, and wanting to be Oprah-style-rich.

Episode 224

RELEASE DATE:    3/6/2018

Jen sits on stage at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn for her third live taping in Brooklyn.  She talks about the Bomb Cyclone 2018, the original production of 911, Queer Eye is stressing her out, the penis from Venus, and there’s lots of talking with the audience about their thoughts. So much fun in this extra long episode!

Episode 223

RELEASE DATE:    2/20/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about wanting to award someone with a customer service trophy, drama at a shipping place, a pilates teacher who wants Jen to relax, listener letters about body image, cold brew coffees, and, moving and Jen manages to say some positive things too.

Episode 222

RELEASE DATE:    2/13/2018

Jen sits in Brooklyn at “home” to talk to you about her opinion on the Samantha Vs. Carrie scandal, judging a renter by her photo, forgetting what time it is and joining the wrong pilates class, and flying with a guy who took up too much space using her USB port and snoring.

Episode 221

"My Own Private I Dunno"

RELEASE DATE:    2/6/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about how she doesn’t know if she can tour this year, maybe going to Europe, recaps her shows in London, the Russian meddling isn’t an opinion, watching movies on planes, and how everyone who thinks they want to live in Los Angeles for the weather is wrong.

Episode 220


"Jen X"

RELEASE DATE:    1/30/2018

Jen sits at home with a new microphone to talk to you about how she has nothing to talk about because she has no life this month, not wanting a butt, listener emails about kids don’t think women are funny, and when comedians are rude to the audience.  Jen also reads an article about how Generation X can save the world.

Episode 219
"Einstein Hated Haters"

RELEASE DATE:    1/23/2018

Jen sits in the All Things Comedy Studio to tell you that she literally doesn’t know what her life is but she has to pack accordingly, the truth about Candace, listener emails about debt and Christmas break-ups, and a letter written by Albert Einstein telling Marie Curie to “F the Haters!”