Having funlessness with Jen kirkman

a podcast - formerly known as “I Seem Fun; The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast”



 Comedian and author Jen Kirkman does a solo podcast – a mostly improvised, stream of consciousness monologue that weaves random small observations into sometimes bigger stories about her past, her present and just unfiltered thoughts about anything from her life to what’s happening in the world.  Just like life – the podcast is sometimes funny, sometimes poignant and always random. Jen is interested in the small things that make life both unbearably annoying and wonderful.  Having Funlessness means that everyone’s fun is different.  Some people want to go to Coachella and yell “Woo” some people think it’s just as fun to stay home on a Friday night to do laundry.  Jen’s relationship to her listeners who often write in for advice is authentic and where Jen hones her skills as the self-help guru you didn’t know that you needed. 

“What actually makes it funny is Kirkman’s inherent knack for cultivating conflict even talking into a microphone in a room by herself. Kirkman is eternally embattled but she tempers her cynicism with sweetness and, more often than not, she’s right.” - The AV Club


Episode 299

RELEASE DATE 8/21/2019

Jen talks about wanting to be a regular at a new place in her neighborhood, overhearing people’s conversations and repeating them, and people who love and need spoilers.

This episode is sponsored by Native Deodorant.


Episode 298

RELEASE DATE 8/14/2019

Jen talks about how the internet has made her a worse person, choosing to love the 90210 re-boot, nostalgia, and her take on candidates that should drop out.

This episode is sponsored by talkspace.com and everlane.com/fun


Episode 297


Jen talks about losing the role of a judge in a grade school play, an embarrassing celebrity encounter, and emails are read from listeners who share everything from grammar pet peeves to the secrets of their love lives.

This episode is sponsored by joinhoney.com/fun and awaytravel.com/fun


Episode 296

RELEASE DATE 7/31/2019

Jen talks about how astronauts pee in space, conspiracy theorists, people with petitions outside of stores, annoying doctors, and no one should have to do a phone interview in order to take an exercise class.


Episode 295

RELEASE DATE 7/24/2019

Jen talks about going to Disneyland and how much she loves it, thinking she got stung by a bee while hiking and pulling her pants down in public, and a childhood bike incident.


Episode 294


Jen talks to her old friend and first person to put her on a podcast - Paul F. Tompkins about their time together as friends, on the Pod F. Tompkast show, going to therapy, having fun, touring, ironing, swimming, and so much silliness!


Episode 293

RELEASE DATE 7/10/2019

Jen talks about her would-be-relaxing fourth of July staycation at home that was interrupted by two big earthquakes, aftershocks and being scared watching Stranger Things.

This episode is sponsored by Native Deodorant


Episode 292


Jen goes down a rabbit hole of reading people’s You Tube comments on Welcome Back Kotter who are sad about the passing of time, and talks about how she taught a teenager how to multitask with a bagel.


Episode 291

RELEASE DATE 6/26/2019

Jen talks about growing into the person you want to be, maddening modern online politics, an upsetting article about our President at Bergdorf’s and awkward direct messages.


Episode 290

RELEASE DATE 6/19/2019

Jen talks about how 80’s sitcom theme songs inspired a generation, does the sitcom Perfect Strangers hold up?, when celebs gossip about other celebs, can Robert Downey Jr. save the planet?, and parents are more addicted to their phones and teenagers want to go analog.

Episode 289

RELEASE DATE 6/12/2019

Jen talks about being on her couch for ten days watching WWII movies, wondering if she’s Jewish, emailing her parents, being obsessed with a weird movie about a woman who hires a male prostitute for a wedding, and when someone emails you offensive jokes.


Episode 288


Jen sits at home to talk to you about how Americans are all the same - we’re just in our heads worried about how we appear, a teacher who quoted Anne Frank in a hot yoga class, and how a cabbage isn’t the same as head of lettuce.


Episode 287

RELEASE DATE 5/29/2019

Jen sits at home to talk to you about how she’s happy that GOT fans are mad, how she loves mystery and doesn’t care if ghosts or God aren’t real, a celebrity resentment, more navy pilots are reporting UFO’s and Jen reads one-star angry reviews of the podcast.


Episode 286

RELEASE DATE 5/22/2019

Jen sits at home sick to record a podcast that she warns isn’t for the first time listener. Jen talks about her week in sexism with men on Twitter and on Amtrak trains and in Lyft’s.


Episode 285

Jen talks to you about that awkward moment when you meet someone again twenty years later and they are no longer a douche-magoo and so you don’t tell them, “We met, you were a douche magoo.” Jen talks about how people change for the better as they get older - and she talks to her friend, actor Michael McMillian about what they’ve learned recently about how to stay in a tough business, have faith, handle conflict differently, and why being in your twenties is hard af.

Episode 284


This is the first episode of the newly named podcast Having Funlessness with Jen Kirkman (formerly known as I Seem Fun; The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast) - this week Jen talks about the time she thought she was going to be a divorced writer perfectly recharging by writing at a beach house that turned out to be a dirty, spider filled guest house with no beach. Jen gives advice to a listener who wants to know how to recharge out of a life slump.