"What makes I Seem Fun; The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast funny is Kirkman’s inherent knack for cultivating conflict even talking into a microphone in a room by herself. Whether she’s dissecting a negative iTunes review from an angry Christian or seriously considering a class action suit against Robin Thicke for being gross, Kirkman is eternally embattled but she tempers her cynicism with sweetness and, more often than not, she’s right." - THE AV CLUB


Episode 255

RELEASE DATE 10/16/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about iTunes reviews, trying not to piss off men or women on stage, a weekend on the road, a great movie idea inspired by a Jewish grandmother’s email, and advice on how to be friends with people who have political differences.


Episode 254

Jen sits at home to talk to you about how she socialized too much this week from drinks with friends, to Vegas, to a polo match. She talks about unashamedly playing The Bachelor slot machine, and reads an article about how we don’t even know when we are stressed.


Episode 253


Jen sits at home to talk to you about her upcoming gigs, her new decision to “fall into” watching Hallmark’s Autumn movies, Mimi and Gerald discuss how they’ve been married 65 years, listener emails about divorced decorating, and Jen talks about her night of stand-up with Conan.

Episode 252

RELEASE DATE 9/25/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about what happened to sitcoms, and then it’s time to take to the All Things Comedy Studio to talk to Merrill Markoe and Megan Koester - authors and performers of the new Audible Original, “The Indignities of Being a Woman.” They talk about a woman’s learning curve about her own experiences with gender bias, and we joke about all the thousands of years of this bs!


Episode 251


Jen sits at home to talk to you about weird coincidences that keep happening in this episode, Dr. Barbara Persons has a rival, public urinals in Paris, listener emails from people who want advice on boyfriends, and on the best way to burn things.

Episode 250

RELEASE DATE 9/11/2018

Jen sits at home in Los Angeles to talk to you about how she sees perspective changes not as permanent things but moments, a 9/11 remembrance, alternative comedy in NYC in the 1990’s, and reads a listener email about hypochondria

Episode 249


Jen sits at home in Los Angeles to talk to you about spending her birthday in bed watching HGTV, a heartbeat in her stomach, when is the right time to nap, and how working in television sometimes means you also work in a grocery store.

Episode 248


Jen sits at home in Los Angeles to talk to you about file folders, label makers, no escape from bad music, not wanting to log in to write hotel reviews, her birthday, being joyful when it’s all crap, and Christmas 2018.

Episode 247

RELEASE DATE 8/22/2018

Jen talks about up and coming Hallmark Christmas movie plots, the joy of Epsom salts, singing alters our moods, baths in a time of drought, and it’s psychologically proven that putting up Xmas decorations early can be good for the soul.

Episode 246

RELEASE DATE 8/14/2018

Jen talks to you about her hesitance to listen to the haunted moment in episode 244 and the subsequent journey of having the EVP analyzed, her soul cleansed and what happened to the ghost. Of course the story diverts a few times as Jen vents about people who judge her crush on Billy Bob Thornton.

Episode 245


Jen opens the I Seem Fun email account and just randomly reads - without pre-screening, emails from listener. There’s talk of not wanting a wedding after getting married, matches, being old, being young, and everyone’s favorite aunt, Jen, teaches you how to make the perfect Jen-X when it’s in the 90’s outside, make a 90’s playlist for summer.

Episode 244


Jen first of all asks you to name this episode - details how if you listen - should it be called Why Do Children Sound Like Elephants or Beyond Laughter Into Love. Jen has a mini “I can’t with this” political rant at the top - and after that it’s just talk about Hallmark movies, why toddlers have such heavy feet, and how lovely audiences are in Brooklyn.

Episode 243

RELEASE DATE 7/17/2018

Jen talks to you about not wearing headphones on the subway anymore and what strangers say to her - from comments on face to trying to get her to find Jesus, Jen also reads some listener emails and once and for all tries to figure out when the last two generations begin and end.

Episode 242


Jen sits at home to talk to you about her love of war movies but her hatred of other violent movies, inspiring tales of WWII and Titanic survivors, Cary Grant’s therapeutic LSD trips, and does Alex Trebec think he’s better than us?


Episode 241


Jen sits at home and also on stage in this two-in-one- episode to talk to you about car lighters are the new thimbles, no one knows what matches are, listeners giving each other advice, London, and funny emails.

Episode 240


Back by popular demand! Jen takes to the all things studio with her friend, comedian Allison Castillo, for the all advice episodes! (This episode is a continuation of last week….) This week Jen and Allison share personal stories and give advice on topics brought up by listeners like what to do with $50,000, wanting to leave college, having a crush on a celebrity, a sister who pressures her family to visit, friends with kids who can’t hang out anymore, and why do older people constantly tell younger people that they don’t know anything?

Episode 239


Back by popular demand! Jen takes to the all things studio with her friend, comedian Allison Castillo, for the all advice episodes! (The continuation airs next week….) This week Jen and Allison share personal stories and give advice on topics brought up by listeners like body image issues, feeling abandoned by a friend, bosses who talk politics, having to admit when it’s you who is the problem sometimes when someone else is making you nuts.

Episode 238


Jen sits at home to talk to you about the week in depression, a candle almost ruining her home, being stressed over a pillow, Hallmark Christmas movies coming up, a listener who thinks it’s the worst time to job-hunting, and the tale of a woman who steals yachts.

Episode 237


Jen sits at home to talk to you about accidentally insulting sailors during Fleet Week about their outfits, missing her bed and being happy to be home for a while, celebrity scandals and conspiracy theories, the French guy who saved the baby, listener emails about hot yoga scandals, and annoying friends on social media.

Episode 236


Jen talks to you about her singing lessons, wanting to quit comedy to be a lounge singer, the annoyance of the “divorce” box on paperwork, not getting too comfortable with not being social, how loud restaurants are bad for us, and some listener emails.

Episode 235

RELEASE DATE 5/22/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about her weekend in Bloomington IN, people who assume her act doesn’t translate to America, a hot-headed hippie at hot yoga, being the only one in a meditation class, when you love your friend but their social media persona sucks, and Jen interrupts the podcast to eat a piece of bread and answer the laundry delivery at her door.

Episode 234

RELEASE DATE 5/15/2018

Jen sits at her home in Brooklyn and fails to simultaneously do a live Instagram with viewers asking questions while she’s podcasting. She drops that after about five minutes. Then Jen reads listener emails that lead into chat about why do people like sleep, first time-stand-ups who need to respect history, and when straight people ruin gay clubs.

Episode 233


Jen talks to you about how she doesn’t want to take the cookie off the plane, nobody listening to this podcast is listening, wanting to start over with home decor, walking out of a movie because of ADHD, and no to mind-reading headsets.

Episode 232

RELEASE DATE: 5/2/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about how you need to come see her live shows, vocal coaching, what the hell is a “female” pilot, and a four hour train ride with loud people.

Episode 231

RELEASE DATE 4/25/2018

In this episode Jen does many things. First she takes to the All Things Comedy Studio to chit-chat for a bit before addressing listener emails about panic, many listeners with bad spelling, and a woman who needs confidence to do things alone, and what to do about an annoying co-worker who asks too many questions. Jen shares a childhood memory of either a break-in or pots and pans rattling. Then we hear a portion of Jen’s live show at the Hollywood Improv Lab “Lab Test” where she tells a tale of losing her wallet at the airport and doing the trash wrong at her AirBnB.

Episode 230:

RELEASE DATE 4/17/2018

Jen sits at her temporary home in Brooklyn to talk to you about her Sphenoid Sinus surgery, too many opiates, pudding cravings, face claustrophobia, the beauty of making the couch your bed, listening to Queen in the operating room, and how much it sucks when recovering takes too long.

Episode 229:


Jen brings her friend, comedian Allison Castillo, to the All Things Comedy studio to help her give advice to listeners in need. We digress often and don’t always agree on how to handle a single mom who wants a date, a guy who wants to pursue an acting career in LA, a dude who is afraid of skeletons, a woman who can’t talk to her family about politics and so much more!! We get super real - so hope you can handle it!


Episode 228


Jen sits at the all new All Things Comedy Studio to talk to you about her surgery that’s happened as of this release, a new found fear of anesthesia, don’t read scary articles at 3 am, the problems with recording episodes in advance, we’re all gonna die says someone from Nixon’s era, and what it was like making a political speech at a fancy event.

Episode 227

RELEASE DATE: 3/27/2018

Jen sits at the all new All Things Comedy Studio to talk to you about waiting and waiting to know anything about her life’s work, why she’s coming to London for a night, getting carded and then annoyed, staying in a hotel locally, prostitutes, reads an article about how a dude’s genes changed in space, and badly answers’s a listener email about how to get healthy.

Episode 226

RELEASE DATE: 3/20/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about some tour date updates, too-hot wine, too much news to discuss, the news isn’t reporting lots of UFO sightings by the air force, a dead car battery, and being accidentally accused of racism.

Episode 225

RELEASE DATE: 3/13/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about genetic testing, loud footsteps of children, college crushes, more listener advice to a listener about a yoga teacher, movie theatre jerks, the joys of unfollowing everyone on social media, and wanting to be Oprah-style-rich.

Episode 224

RELEASE DATE: 3/6/2018

Jen sits on stage at the Bellhouse in Brooklyn for her third live taping in Brooklyn. She talks about the Bomb Cyclone 2018, the original production of 911, Queer Eye is stressing her out, the penis from Venus, and there’s lots of talking with the audience about their thoughts. So much fun in this extra long episode!

Episode 223

RELEASE DATE: 2/20/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about wanting to award someone with a customer service trophy, drama at a shipping place, a pilates teacher who wants Jen to relax, listener letters about body image, cold brew coffees, and, moving and Jen manages to say some positive things too.

Episode 222

RELEASE DATE: 2/13/2018

Jen sits in Brooklyn at “home” to talk to you about her opinion on the Samantha Vs. Carrie scandal, judging a renter by her photo, forgetting what time it is and joining the wrong pilates class, and flying with a guy who took up too much space using her USB port and snoring.

Episode 221

"My Own Private I Dunno"

RELEASE DATE: 2/6/2018

Jen sits at home to talk to you about how she doesn’t know if she can tour this year, maybe going to Europe, recaps her shows in London, the Russian meddling isn’t an opinion, watching movies on planes, and how everyone who thinks they want to live in Los Angeles for the weather is wrong.

Episode 220

"Jen X"

RELEASE DATE: 1/30/2018

Jen sits at home with a new microphone to talk to you about how she has nothing to talk about because she has no life this month, not wanting a butt, listener emails about kids don’t think women are funny, and when comedians are rude to the audience. Jen also reads an article about how Generation X can save the world.

Episode 219
"Einstein Hated Haters"

RELEASE DATE: 1/23/2018

Jen sits in the All Things Comedy Studio to tell you that she literally doesn’t know what her life is but she has to pack accordingly, the truth about Candace, listener emails about debt and Christmas break-ups, and a letter written by Albert Einstein telling Marie Curie to “F the Haters!”