World! I have a podcast.  It’s called “I Seem Fun; The Diary of Jen Kirkman Podcast”.  I release it weekly (most of the time).  It’s just me, sitting at home alone talking.  It’s not scripted.  It’s sometimes super personal.  I cried once.  Sometimes I’m grumpy.  Sometimes I’m funny.  And I read listener emails.  A wonderful little community of strangers from around the world have found each other through this podcast.

I have listeners all over America and the world -seriously! From North Carolina to Cameroon.

It’s my favorite thing to do - even though I don’t make any money doing it.  I don’t promote it that much.  My feeling is that you can’t force a podcast on anyone.  Everyone’s earbud needs are so different.  Some people prefer interviews and not one woman talking.  But every once in a while I make it known it’s there - just in case you WOULD like it but don’t know about it.

It’s not reviewed weekly by the coveted Onion AV Club like some of the cool podcasts are but they did say this once, “ “What [makes “I Seem Fun”] funny is Kirkman’s inherent knack for cultivating conflict even talking into a microphone in a room by herself. Whether she’s dissecting a negative iTunes review from an angry Christian or seriously considering a class action suit against Robin Thicke for being gross, Kirkman is eternally embattled but she tempers her cynicism with sweetness and, more often than not, she’s right.” - The AV Club”

The podcast has afforded people to find out more about me and I always love meeting listeners at my shows. The podcast even introduced people to my stuff and allowed me to tour internationally. 

If you’re looking for a new podcast to listen to - why not see what I Seem Fun listeners have said - and if you want in on the private jokes they wrote in these photos….you’ll just have to listen!

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