I was emailing with my dad last night and telling him about Adam Carolla’s comments that “dudes are funnier than chicks,”  “they make you hire a certain number of chicks, and they’re always the least funny on the writing staff.” 

My dad is in his seventies, was raised in the working class town of Lawrence, Massachusetts in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and probably hasn’t taken one women’s studies class in his life - he technically is not your typical candidate for being more of a feminist than I am.

My dad gets livid at these stupid comments about women and he put his thoughts down in an email to me. Again - this is a guy from the generation where women WERE barefoot and pregnant and he is HORRIFIED at how backwards things seem to be going and the way that men of my generation treat their sisters. If more men were like my dad, girls wouldn’t ever have to feel like second class citizens. Love you Big Ron!

(So, I say to you young men who SHOULD FUCKING KNOW BETTER below is an email from a man who isn’t afraid of women….. my dad re: Adam Carolla and the whole “women aren’t funny thing”)


These modern day men that think women are not funny and this guy that has come forward and said comedy is a man’s game and that women are not good comedy writers or comedians, I take with a grain of salt. This "pretty famous guy” sounds like he’s from the Middle East.

I ask you, what would “I Love Lucy” be without Lucille Ball. Sid Caesar show without Imogene Cocoa. Mary Tyler Moore Show without Mary Tyler Moore. Laugh In without Ruth Buzzi or Goldie Hawn. George Burns Show without Gracie Allen. Mama’s Family without Carol Burnett and Vicky Lawrence. And The Carol Burnett show without Carol Burnett. Whitney Cummings new show. Chelsea Lately Show without Chelsea Handler and the female comedians. These are a few shows that come to mind. Another thing, these ladies were and are all good Business Managers.

Comedy is not only a man’s game but also a women’s game. Always remember, women understand men but men do not understand women. Therefore, men are taking a back seat and they don’t appreciate that. This is America and people are entitled say what they want - right, wrong or indifferent. Women are usually right more than men.

When some guy says as a rule comedy is a man’s game really irks me. I’ll tell you why. This guy  probably feels that doctors and lawyers is a man’s game. Politicians is a man’s game. They probably still think that women should be kept in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. By the same token he probably feels that only women should be teachers and not men, only women should be stewardess and not men, only women should be nurses and not men. You get the picture.

It’s a good thing these guys weren’t running our country during WWII. Women ran our factories in producing all our war material and even flew planes from America overseas to foreign countries for our pilots to fly in combat. Women even started the professional women’s baseball team during the war.

I have seen a lot of comedy shows at the MGM and the Foxwoods Theater at Foxwoods Casino. I personally think women comedians are as equal to men comedians if not better than their male counterpart. I personally would rather attend  a show with female comedians  than male comedians. - Love, Dad"