I made a list of every job I have worked that wasn’t stand-up or something in TV - starting at age 14. Most of these jobs I worked between the ages of 21-34 as I was doing stand-up for free at night and trying to get things going.

Always be willing to get money however you can while you do what you want for free.


  1. Baby-sitter
  2. Grocery store clerk at Roche Bros
  3. Scooping ice cream at Baskin Robbins
  4. Waitress at the Needham Golf Club
  5. Assistant teacher at a dance school
  6. Barista at a coffee shop (lasted three days)
  7. Ticket salesperson at Emerson Majestic Theatre
  8. Waitress at a restaurant in Boston (lasted two months)
  9. Worked at the Emerson College Library
  10. Usher at Blue Man Group
  11. Ticket office at Boston Ballet
  12. Group Sales associate at Broadway in Boston
  13. Temp at DKNY
  14. Temp job where I put chocolates in gift wrap for a private party
  15. Temp job at an investment firm
  16. Temp job at a nursing school administrative office
  17. Cold Calling for Aires Magazine
  18. Blogger for a now defunct online magazine Funkytalk.com
  19. Exec Administrative Assistant at an internet start-up
  20. Temp job as an event planner at a financial company in NYC
  21. Temp job at Glamour magazine
  22. Waitress at Wilshire Country Club
  23. Temp job at doctor’s office as a receptionist
  24. Temp job at a real estate firm filing claims
  25. Temp job as a receptionist at a law firm
  26. Receptionist at a chiropractor’s office
  27. Administrative assistant & bookkeeper to a sound engineer for television
  28. Assistant at a cosmetic company
  29. Web content producer at Lifetime Television
  30. Transcriber for individual journalists
  31. Transcriber for reality tv shows
  32. Blogger at suicidegirls.com
  33. Self employed house cleaner