Hello world!

I have written a book.  It is called “I Can Barely Take Care of Myself: Tales From a Happy Life Without Kids.” It’s coming out April 2013 through Simon and Schuster.  Why is that so long from now, you ask? I don’t know.  Something about marketing and seasons and stapling takes a long, long time.

My book is an intentionally funny (whether you find it to be is up to you and I’m sure with social media, you’ll let me know) memoir about my life as someone who never wanted kids but never thought it was weird or something she had to talk about – until people started asking…..”do you want kids?” and didn’t stop asking other personal questions after my initial “no” answer.  I don’t hate kids.  I’m not immature.  I just – never think about it.  And no, I don’t plan to change my mind.

Anyway – when you write and sell a book it has a hook and that’s my hook, but it’s sincere.  But the book is about all kinds of things – failing at love and failing at pulling off a pixie cut, fighting with my parents for having sex with a boyfriend at age 21, starting out in stand-up comedy, babysitting for a kid who told me he wanted to commit murder, leaving boyfriends who wanted me to quit working and have their baby, getting married to someone who didn’t want kids, divorcing, getting picked on as a kid, feeling weird at adult afternoon birthday parties, being intimidated by kids at the adult pool, gaining 40 pounds, losing 40 pounds, being on TV, working a million weird jobs, traveling, anxiety, Klonopin, feeling like an oddball at family functions and more. It’s the story of a person – a person who just doesn’t happen to have or want kids and wants to explain what that kind of life might look like so that all the people asking, “Do you think you’ll change your mind?” will finally maybe understand why.

It’s on pre-sale right now – and although it won’t be in your hands until April 2013, the sales numbers will be in the hands of the people who I’d love to prove to – that people are interested. That’s the honest truth.  I’ve always been honest about this shit.  It’s not about the money – it’s about getting them not to panic and hopefully making sure this is enough of a hit that I get to write another book….. because I guess I’m in the mood to pull my hair out, wander my apartment and stare at my computer again…..

It’s available for pre-order at a NICE SALE PRICE right now in these various forms:

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This book is out in six months. It’s hilarious and wonderful. If you are a fan of Jen’s, pre-order it. If you’re not a fan of Jen’s, just what in the hell is the matter with you?! You should go jump in a LAKE with that attitude. I mean, seriously…

Here’s how pre-orders work: they don’t charge you until they ship you the book. That’s how you get to take advantage of the super cheap pre-order price. THIS IS AN INVESTMENT IN YOUR FUTURE.

Book pre-orders are important in the world of publishing. It is part of a global conspiracy which I’m sure Oprah’s boyfriend Stedman has some sort of involvement with. I can’t prove it, but I have a hunch.

Jen’s book is fantastic and a commitment to purchase today really helps with promotion and all that stuff. We’re all in this together, right? Right.

Thank you for enjoying the Internet today!