You know me, normally I don't like to say "Women in Comedy" but when it comes to the FANTASTIC ELLE MAGAZINE - one of my favorites, I allow them to say it because it's a women's magazine - and the point of this issue is to highlight WOMEN - and this month's theme is comedy.

I was honored to be picked to be in the fancy centerfold photo with many of my friends.  I had just landed from a long flight from Melbourne via New Zealand. I went right from the airport to the shoot - they knew I was going to be late and I still apologized non-stop when I arrived just in case anyone forgot that the lateness was a flight thing and not me being a diva thing. I'm sure everyone found it fun to hear me say over and over, "I just got off of a flight!"  I was sleepless by about 30 hours and so bloated that I begged the photographer to let me wear my own slimming denim outfit rather than the fun, tight pants they had picked out for me. Sigh. Not after a long flight. Too bad. What an amazing behind-the-scenes story you just got. Aren't you lucky.