CLICK HERE FOR TIX!  TUESDAY SEPT 25th, 2018 7:30PM & TUESDAY OCT 23rd, 2018 7:30PM

My show "Lab Test" at the Hollywood Improv Lab is still going strong. I thought up this show back in January 2017 - just a way for me to sit and chat with the audience for almost an hour as I work out stuff that could end up being stand-up, or something in writing. It's always spontaneous and - I think super cool - if you like watching totally unplanned performance. I have a friend or two join me and they do the same thing. Every show has always sold out and every crowd has been delighted! And I can say that because there's no way for you to find them ask them.  I have two more left in 2018 and they're on sale now! 

It's a small venue - only seats about 60 so don't wait!