Hey you,

I know you don't want to get any more email.  You already get those stupid joke forwards from your uncle.  Even worse - they aren't bcc and you have to deal with the reply-all from the rest of your family for days.  You get emails from businesses you shopped at ONCE - and you swear you un-checked the box that opted you in for updates.  But, if you like me, and you like comedy, and I think you do - because here you are, why not get an actual fun email from ME once a week?  And it comes on a Monday no less.  What a pick-me-up! And let's be honest.  I get distracted.  I don't always send my email newsletter out once a week.  Sometimes it's only once a month.

I've been touring for almost 12 years world wide.  Every year I hit different cities - but major cities I do hit yearly.  It's hard to catch where comedians are playing if you just rely on the occasional tweet or Facebook event or Instagram post that might come your away - along with the thousands of other posts that come your way.  So, I make it real easy.  I email you once week telling you where you can see me on TV,  or hear me on a podcast, and what tour dates are on sale.  You get the first crack at tickets, and you get my musings on where I want to tour soon and all of my inner thoughts about what's next.  

It's easy.  Just CLICK HERE and join.  And you can always unsubscribe.  I'll never know because it all goes through MailChimp and I never see anything.  And we don't sell your email to people.  So, come on. SUBSCRIBE.  

See you Monday,

xo Jen