Hello, everyone! Well, hello to everyone specifically who is coming to see me on tour this fall 2017 in my "All New Material, Girl" Tour.  Note the comma.  I'm not "The Material Girl" - I'm saying I've got new material for you, girl, (and boy.)  Anyway, that's not why I am writing.  I am writing to let you know about a new thing I am trying this year.  So far, the response has been positive.  I'm joining up with a company called OMG VIP to bring you exclusive POST-SHOW meet & greets with me and you'll receive special gift merchandise not available to anyone else.  

Tickets to my shows are one cost - but for an extra $50 per person, you can join the POST-SHOW party.  Well, party Jen Kirkman style - which is mild, no one will be doing whip-its.  I won't be.  You can if you want to in the parking lot after the show but seriously, don't get caught.  Cool it.

Now, you might be wondering, "Jen, you used to meet us and sign things for free?  What the hell?  You need MORE of our money?"  I get why you think that.  I'll explain.  So, I tour without a tour manager or an assistant (too expensive) by myself.  This year I'm hitting 22 cities and sometimes 5 cities in one week.  I can't bring my own merchandise with me (It's a lot) because it's very inconvenient and expensive.  I can't sell my own merchandise because well, that's a lot to handle while I'm also meeting and greeting, and running the cash and credit card.  And as my audiences get bigger, it's harder to accommodate everyone post show - and still get out on time.  I do have contracts with the venues to clear out at a certain point.  The meet and greets that I've always done - are not part of my contract or ticket price. I've done them just because I'm the greatest person who ever lived, obviously.  

So, I need some help.  Now, I also need help when meeting people.  Unfortunately, there are some people who have anonymously threatened me online before a show, or called venues to protest, and sometimes people are just very drunk and like to touch places that I have not authorized them to touch!  And, in 2015, I was touring with very damaged vocal chords and it was that year that my ENT told me - no more extra talking on the road except for the show.  NOTHING.  No singing in the shower, no phone calls, NOTHING.  I stopped doing meet and greets post show because it's hell on my voice.  And I usually have a show the next night.  

So, when I found out that OMG VIP works with me to sell my merch, carry it all for me, organize meet and greets and they get paid through some of the cost of the meet and greet? I was all in.  Think of it this way - due to voice issues, crowd control, and other things, I wasn't going to be able to do post-show meets anyway.  This way - you get a 20-30 minute POST-SHOW event with me, say hi, get a professional picture, and sure, one from your phone, an exclusive signed tour poster, a laminate, a cool tote bag (designed by me, there's a pic of it below.  It's a quote from my Netflix special "Just Keep Livin?"

If you can't afford it, I totally understand.  But this isn't being done to keep you out.  If you bring a book to my show - make it known to the front of house staff and I'll sign it from the stage!  I plan to try to do this at the smaller venues.  

I so appreciate everyone who has come up to me over the years and have been so lucky over the past 8 years to meet so many of you in person.  But it's time now to get some help and to narrow it out a little bit, and to rest my voice, and make sure I'm taken care of.  

If you aren't going to the Meet & Greet - don't worry. After the shows, there will be exclusive merch (designed by me!!!!) on sale for EVERYONE, pins, bumper stickers and such a KICK ASS poster designed by a super talented artist. Merch will range anywhere from $3 to $20. I just won't be there during the selling. 

Love, Jen

You can get tickets here - just find your city! All events are at the venue of the show.